2620 w washington blvd.
chicago, il 60612

2620 Lofts is the recipient of the Chicago Landmarks Preservation Excellence Award for an Adaptive Reuse Exterior and Interior Rehabilitation.

Lawrence Kerner receiving the Chicago Landmarks
Preservation Excellence Award from the City of Chicago

Vicki Granacki, Dan Kraiss and Lawrence Kerner


2620 Lofts is honored to host Erik DeBat's Pop-Up Gallery in the month of October. Erik DeBat's high-energy work is grounded in popular culture and social commentary. Visibly influenced by pop art and conceptual minimalism. DeBat's work ranges from representational to abstract, his multi-disciplinary approach to painting, sculpture, and installation are conceived out of ideas and memories of his own life experiences. Erik studied at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, where he developed his thoughts and intuitive processes to create his own visual language based on an organic methodology. His use of typography and appropriated objects and images, allow DeBat to intentionally play with aesthetic references of the collective unconscious, by combining the natural rhythms and symmetries of the energy around him. Erik recently has exhibited at the Swope Art Museum, IUN for Contemporary Art in Indiana, the Beverly Art Center, and Zhou B Art Center in Chicago.

Erik DeBat - PopUp Gallery at 2620 Lofts during October 2010

A few examples of Erik DeBat's work



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